Passive Voice Checker

Do You Need a Passive Voice Checker?

passive voice grammar checkMost writing will expect you to use the “active voice” rather than “passive voice”. Usually, when we discuss something, the thing or person taking the action will come first followed by the verb and then the thing that is acted upon. For example: “The chicken crossed the road”. When we use passive voice we will place the thing being acted upon first. So, for instance, a passive version of the above would be: “The road was crossed by the chicken”.

We will want to avoid passive verb use within our writing where possible. However, it is not always quick or easy to figure out which voice is more appropriate. Our passive voice corrector can help you to identify where you have used passive or active voice allowing you to make changes as you require.

Use Our Passive Voice Checker Online

passive voice checker online freeOur passive voice grammar check works very simply by reviewing your writing to highlight all the issues and suggest possible corrections. It can review your work in just a few seconds to find the issues that you are looking for allowing you to make any changes that you feel may be required. You can change into passive or active voice in a few clicks.

Correct grammar use is vital for any writing whether in business or during your education. Mistakes in a business report could indicate, for instance, that the findings themselves are flawed as well as the writing. You might get in big trouble if an important document will be rejected just because you didn’t notice a mistake in it. So be very attentive as to what you hand in.

We Offer a Superior Passive Voice Corrector

best passive voice checkerWhile software can do a reasonable job of finding many issues with your spelling, punctuation, and grammar it can never be perfect as it’s really just a machine. The technology hasn’t come that far yet. However, it can still help you out a great deal, like highlight grammatical mistakes that you’ve missed while proofreading, or suggest you many ways of rebuilding the sentence correctly. It can point you in the right direction, basically.

The Benefits of Our Passive Voice Grammar Checking

Our checker will always provide you with the most appropriate help to ensure your full satisfaction with the results. Avail our help and get:

  • Fast and high-quality check of passive voice constructions
  • Grammar and punctuation mistakes correction
  • Tips and advice on grammar usage
  • Useful facts and interesting statistics
  • And more to come

Use our passive voice checker and find other grammatical issues in your work in just a few clicks!