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Using Passive Voice in English

free passive voice checker onlineEvery sentence in English will use either active or passive voice. A sentence is considered to use passive voice when the subject is acted upon by the verb. Active voice is when the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed by the verb. Contrary to what many people think, using passive voice is not grammatically incorrect. Using the passive voice typically requires more words and will often make sentences more difficult to understand. Although passive voice may not break any rules technically, for stylistic reasons active voice is usually preferred. However, there are times when using the passive voice is appropriate such as when the performer of an action is unknown or irrelevant. Follow and see info active vs passive: how often to use passive voice.

Fixing Passive Voice Problems with an Online Checker

check passive voice onlineUsing passive voice grammar in papers can result in longer documents with clarity issues. The first step to resolving these problems is by identifying when passive voice is being used. Once you recognize that passive voice is used in a sentence you will need to determine if it is appropriate for the particular situation and if not make the necessary revisions. Our online checker will identify the use of passive voice in your document and determine if it is appropriate for that specific situation. It will also provide suggested revisions that need to be made when required. The passive voice checker will also determine if there is a need to change to passive voice when doing so will make your paper better.

Reasons to Use a Passive Voice Checker Online

help with fixing passive voiceMaking use of an online passive voice corrector will let you know when you have used passive voice and if it is appropriate in the particular sentence. It isn’t always easy to determine if a sentence uses passive voice or if it suitable for the situation. To check passive voice use quickly and easily an online checker is just the tool you need. A passive voice checker can also be considered a learning tool. Using it will help you learn how to recognize passive voice and when to use it. It will also teach you how to convert from passive to active voice when the need arises.

Use our passive voice checker online and take your writing to the new level!