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Passive Voice Misuse Fixer

It is true that passive voice is necessary to use in some situations, but in others, it spoils your text. It is very important to fix the passive voice sentences when you proofread your text. How to spot passive voice, is a common question. There are some indicating signs, which help you to find a passive voice. However, you can use passive voice misuse fixer, which not only locate passive sentences but can help you to correct them as well. It works according to the context of your text and highlights only those sentences, where you have misused the passive voice, or it is unnecessary.

Active Voice Writing vs Passive Voice Writing

Passive voice checker online free is available to help you. But if you will know the difference between active voice writing and passive voice writing, you will be able to avoid the passive voice, when it is not necessary. It is important to avoid passive voice misuse because it lowers the quality of your content and makes it difficult to understand. Here are some key differences between writing styles.

  • Location of the subject in the sentence: in Active voice sentences the subject comes at the beginning of the sentence and emphasis on the subject. But in passive voice sentences object becomes the subject and the actual subjects come at the end of a sentence or sometimes subject is eliminated completely.
  • Clarity: Active voice sentences are very clear to understand. The subject, verb, and object are clearly mentioned. In passive voice, the object comes first, and the verb follows but the subject is not clear, this makes sentence unclear and difficult to understand. To solve this kind of problem passive voice corrector online is used.
  • Length of the sentence: Active voice sentences are very precise and short in length. On the other hand, passive voice sentences are long and unclear, because some extra words are used in them.

Passive Voice Misuse Correction

There are places when passive voice is required, like a research paper. On the contrary, when we have to emphasize on the subject, but we use a passive voice which eliminates the subject, that is the misuse of passive voice. Passive voice makes things unclear and when we need to state something clearly, we use active voice. Use of passive voice at the wrong place is misuse. It is very important to know, how to fix passive voice misuse. You can do it yourself and find some tools for this purpose as well.

Passive Voice Can Spoil the Text: Why?

Passive voice is not grammatically incorrect, but experts recommend avoiding it. Passive voice can spoil your text in more than one way.

  • Firstly, it changes the position of the subject. Sometimes the subject is not even mentioned, that makes sentences unclear and vague.
  • Secondly, it makes text uninteresting, no one wants to read the long and ambiguous text.
  • A transitive verb is another reason to spoil your text.

When you will identify passive voice, you will realize you can write the same message in very few words.

Passive Voice Misuse Checker Online Free: Improve Your Writing Skills

If you are struggling with passive voice detection and correction, you are not alone. A number of people face the same problems all around the world. If you want to improve your writing skills and get rid of passive sentences and related issues, use passive voice misuse correction. It is a tool, which can help you to identify passive voice. Not only that, but it will give you suggestions for the improvement. When you will know the reasons for misuse and get the correction tips, it will improve your writing skills automatically. You will get guidance about how to remove passive voice. You need to visit the website and you can use this proofreading software without downloading.

Use our passive voice misuse checker online free and improve your writing skills. Identify and fix passive sentences in no time. It’s free!