Active Voice vs. Passive Voice

What is the difference between active vs passive? Basically, an active sentence is written in a way where the subject is the one performing the action as stated by the verb, while the other describes that the subject is acted upon by the verb. Detecting passive voice in your writing with the help of our passive voice checker is easy because it is always made of two parts, which are the “to be” form of the verb and then a past participle.
active vs passive voice

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Samples of Passive Writing

  • It is cleaned.
  • It has been written.
  • It was brought up in the meeting.
  • It will be cleaned soon.
  • It will have been done.

When Passive Voice Is Used

  • To point out the action’s receiver when the action’s performer is unimportant or unknown
  • To call the attention of the action’s receiver rather than who performs it
  • To avoid calling the attention of the action’s performer, also referred to as an example of an institutional passive

Active vs. Passive: How Often to Use Passive Voice

  • 10% of the passive voice is only suggested in the average use writing
  • 20% according to camps is still acceptable
  • 15% of passive sentences, writers say, sound watered down

The active voice is the “normal voice” because the subject of the verb is who’s performing or carrying out the action. Many active sentences come with a direct object in the accusative form.

Sample: The child is petting the dog.

The passive voice is when the direct object of the action becomes the sentence’s subject, also called nominative, of the passive sentence. In the passive form, the thing or person carrying out the action may or may not be mentioned in the sentence.

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Sample: The dog is petted by the child.

However, take note that not all active sentences have their passive sentences version because doing so will render the sentence useless, such as saying, “I am being sung.” And in general, passive writing is boring and it waters down the sentence. Thus, you must detect passive voice in your writing and try converting them into their active counterparts for a better, stronger writing style.

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