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The Difference in Active and Passive Voice Structure

passive voice corrector onlineIn English all sentences with be in either active or passive voice. “Voice” refers to the way an action verb relates to its subject. In active voice, the subject of the sentence does the action expressed in the verb. An example of a sentence using active voice is “The boy threw the ball.” In passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb. An example of a sentence using passive voice is “The ball was thrown by the boy.” In general active voice is considered the better choice when writing. It is usually more concise and easier to understand than passive voice. However there are instances when using passive voice is preferable. In cases when you need to know for sure that the work is fully unique online paraphrasing is something you can rely on. It is a great way to avoid the repeating of the original writing and to receive the work you require without any plagiarism issues.

Benefits of Using an Online Passive Voice Corrector

correct passive voice for freeIn the example used above it is easy to recognize the passive voice structure but this is not always the case. Our online passive voice checker and corrector can identify whether passive voice is being used and determine if it is appropriate for the particular situation. Not only are active and passive voice usage identified; suggested revisions are also provided by the corrector. The online corrector can also show you when it is preferable to change into passive voice if it is appropriate such as when the action is more important than the person/thing performing it. Using an online tool for passive voice corrections is fast and easy saving you both time and effort. It will also help you to improve your writing.

Ensure Correct Passive Voice Usage

fix passive voice structureUsing passive voice rather than active will often result in lengthier sentences that are more difficult to understand. Using an online passive sentence checker to identify the use of passive voice in your documents will enable you to produce more concisely written papers that are easier to understand. Seeing passive voice use identified by the corrector will also help teach you how to recognize whether you have used active or passive voice on your own in the future and under what circumstances each is appropriate.

Try our online passive voice corrector and see how your writing improves.