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Passive voice is a common grammatical voice. It is very important to use it correctly. However, very few people have the skills. Wrong use of passive voice makes the text unreadable. People face difficulties to find the passive voice, in the text. This problem is solved now by the passive voice checker and fixer tool. This is a software, which can help you to locate the passive voice. Once you successfully locate it, you can change it into active voice. Automatic passive voice fixer has solved this problem as well. It can not only locate passive voice phrase or clause but also fix it automatically. It is a great facility for students and those people, who are not well aware of grammatical rules.

Passive Voice: Let’s Define It

You can find fixing the passive voice app these days, which come in very handy to solve the passive voice issues. Before understanding the details about this app, it’s important to know what passive voice actually is. There are two grammatical voices, active voice, and passive voice. Active voice is the more direct form of writing and is considered a strong one. On the other hand, passive voice is not wrong but grammatical experts don’t like it and recommend avoiding it. If we try to define passive voice, it can be defined as a sentence in which a performer of the verb acts upon a subject. The object on which subject was acting, becomes the subject itself, in a passive voice. Sometimes the actual subject is completely dropped from the sentence. This situation leads to confusion and makes your writing vague. How to fix passive voice in an essay, is a commonly asked question. However, passive voice should not be avoided always, sometimes it’s necessary to use it.

Passive Voice: When to Use and When to Avoid?

It is very important to understand the correct use of passive voice. Sometimes passive voice is not required, and you should use the active voice only. However, sometimes passive voice is what situation demands. Here are a few points which will help you to understand the use of passive voice in a certain situation.

How do you fix a passive sentence? It will be easier for you to understand when it’s better to change the passive voice into active voice if you know the rules below:

Passive voice: When to use

  • When you are preparing a report and subject is not known, like “My pen was stolen yesterday”.
  • When you are writing a scientific paper.
  • When the emphasis is on the action and subject is irrelevant.

Passive voice: When to avoid

  • When the subject is important to mention, you should avoid the use of passive voice.
  • When you need to write a clear message.
  • When you need to highlight the action of the verb, fix passive voice sentences and convert them to active voice.

These are just a few situations, there can be many others too.

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Why It Is Difficult to Detect Passive Voice?

It is very important to detect passive voice in your writing if you want to fix this. However, it is not easy, particularly when the document is long. Passive voice finder is really helpful in this situation. The tool is commonly used because people cannot detect passive voice, because of many reasons. Firstly, writing skills are not enough to identify the passive voice. Most of the writers, particularly students, have no idea about the indicating signs of passive voice and they fail to detect it. Secondly, when the document is long, they find some sentences, and many are not detected. This leads to poor content, which is unclear. You can fix passive voice online if you want accurate results.

How to Fix Passive Sentences: 3 Simples Rules

Once you have identified the passive sentence, the next step is to fix the problem. A passive voice tester can help you. But you can fix a passive voice sentence by using simple rules.

  1. Locate the subject and bring it to action. Shift the focus on the subject.
  2. Bring the object towards the end of the sentence, instead of in the beginning.
  3. “By” is used with the subject in the passive voice, remove “by” and change the form of the verb from past participle to the suitable one.

These are 3 simple rules to fix the passive sentence. If you are still confused, you can use passive voice fixer.

Fixing the Passive Voice App: How It Works?

If you need a writing check, you can find many online. However, our passive voice fixing app is designed by experts, particularly for this purpose. You need to visit the webpage and paste your content there. It will highlight your passive sentences and will give you options to change them in an active voice. You can also download it as google extension. It will help you, whenever you are writing your emails and social media posts. No download is required. It is very simple and very accurate. It works as a grammar editor and helps you in multiple ways.

Fixing passive voice apps is a gift for content creators, who always struggle with passive voice. It’s simple to use and it’s free!