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Passive versus Active Voice

best passive voice corrector onlineWriting a good paper is more than just using proper grammar. Of course, it is important but your paper can be free of any grammatical errors and still not be good. One element of a well-written paper is style. The “voice” you use contributes to your paper’s style and refers to the way an action verb relates to its subject. Every sentence in your paper, like healthcare thesis writing, will use either an active voice or passive voice. Active voice is typically preferred because it is usually more concise and easier to understand.

This doesn’t mean you should never use the passive voice. There are times when it is more appropriate. The trick is to recognize which voice is being used and which is most suitable for a particular situation. If you are unsure how to change the sentences into passive voice or vice versa you may want to consider using an online grammar checker.

How to Choose a Passive Voice Corrector Online

There are many grammar checking tools available online that you can use for checking your paper. Not all grammar tools are equal and there are several things you will need to consider before making your final choice. Some of the major factors to consider include:

  • Accuracy: Naturally it is important that the passive voice corrector is accurate. A checker that isn’t accurate is of little use
  • Speed: How fast your text is checked is important. You don’t want your paper to be late because the grammar checker you selected is slow
  • Convenience: A grammar checker shouldn’t require a lot of technical expertise. It should be quick and easy to use and offer support should it be necessary
  • Feedback: At the bare minimum a good grammar checker will identify whether or not using passive voice is appropriate. A great one will suggest specific corrections you can make

Change into Passive Voice Using Our Online Corrector

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